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Issue 14 – April 2021

Happy Easter to you all! There is no better way to start the new month than by releasing our second Issue of the year. In this Edition, we provide tips on how to secure a free…Read More

Issue 13 – January 2021

Welcome to 2021! To celebrate the new year we are releasing our first issue of 2021. For young entrepreneurs, we share our 5 best..Read More

Issue 12 – December 2020

You have made it! December is here, and it’s time to start making resolutions as we think about the new year ahead. We also include tips on how to start investing…Read More

Issue 11 – november 2020

In this months issue we discuss the topic of finding the right time to move out of your parents house. Read our latest article on the topic, which will get you thinking about the costs of…Read More

Issue 10 – October 2020

October is here, and we start off by dedicating this edition to Black History Month. It’s been an important year for the fight against racism, and we believe that education will play a crucial part in extinguishing this disease. Have a read of our Quote of the month for inspiration. We also discuss…Read More

Issue 9 – september 2020

Dealing with anxiety as a student can be difficult for many. We pull back the layers in this month’s edition, by exploring the issue and providing tips to help reduce the stress from assignment overload. Finally, we also include a masterclass on budgeting…Read More

Issue 8 – august 2020

Wondering how to fix your credit? Learn how to keep your credit score high in this month’s edition of Stentorian Magazine. This will allow you to get better rates on cars, personal loans and…Read more

Issue 7 – July 2020

As we settle into the second half of 2020, we take a step back and celebrate the true meaning behind international friendship day in our mental health segment. This month, we also discuss paying off high interest credit card debt…Read more

Issue 6 – June 2020

This months issue focuses on how to save money over the summer by making the most of the top free things to do in London.
We also include a few tips on the best…Read more

Issue 5 – May 2020

This months issue discusses a variety of contemporary interest points such as the Pro’s and Con’s of your own credit card, the accounting necessities that every young business owner requires, and the art of…Read more

Issue 4 – April 2020

To celebrate world health day 2020, this months issue highlights the link between physical illness and mental health issues.
As young business owners gear up for the end of the financial year, this edition also includes a guide on completing your… Read more

Issue 3 – March 2020

This months issue features a heart gripping take on Mothers day, with a tribute to women suffering from postnatal depression symptoms. We also compare the UK’s top savings accounts for those who are looking to … Read More

Issue 2 – February 2020

February is LGBTQ month in the UK, so we will focus on the mental health challenges that young people within this group experience. We also talk about the power that social media can have on running your own business from home…. Read more

Issue 1 – January 2020

In the first month of 2020, we will help you set the tone for the year by focusing on the things that really matter.
This issue features a mental health awareness blog which is designed to increase the knowledge among young people of conditions such as depression… Read more

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